60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Not the best day to try and moor in a Marina but we are sitting at Star lock and going into Ashton Marina
tomorrow weather forecast not good tomorrow, to much rain and wind but at least we have extra crew members Mandy and Richard joined last night . Christmas in Stoke.Mum is well but sister Ange is back in Hospital infection of some sort.Not a lot more to say.
But a Happy Christmas And a Prosperous New Year
Love Beryl & Dave.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Moored At Eturia on the Caldon below Bedford St Lock. I am waiting to give blood on Thursday and for Npower to come and see if Mum can have a new boiler courtesy of the government well its worth a try.
I have been using my time buying bits and pieces on internet and having them delivered to Mum. Boy did I have fun and games with Tesco direct trying to use our collected vouchers 2 emails and 3 new passwords later I finally managed to buy a new electric razor and some new bedding.Well we are still using one quilt cover that was a wedding present 28 yrs ago. Beryl is busy icing the christmas cake got to keep her busy.
Dog Hoobie is snoring well boy can he snore but as soon as I move he is awake and ready to chase his stick not bad for 12. It was a bit frosty here this morning but boat is toasty must get some more coal soon.
well see you soon  Bye

Sunday, 8 December 2013

We are Still alive

Sorry no excuse I am just to idle
We have been about a bit since the last post we went to Llangollen and on the way back called in on the Montgomery where Beryl had an argument with the ground and lost.Luckily John was visiting so he took big sister to A/E 4hrs and 5 stitches later they returned with a Cooked chicken and a very sorry looking Beryl Photo available at a cost well I've been threatened.We had a very nice 2 days on the Monty, Stitches taken out at Ellesmere 5 days later. Then back to Middlewich for a few days boiler serviced, well winter is due soon. Then onto Anderton for a look at the lift thought about the Weaver but decided to leave it for another day we decided to try the Bridgewater very nice plenty off places to moor and visit towns by bus Hoobie still not happy on buses he can't look out of the window. We went all the way to Piccadilly  Village only us moored there for 3 nights had planned on going up the Ashton canal and onto Whalley Bridge got it wrong ashton flight closed so had to return down through Manchester to Castlefield basin. Beryl doesn't recognise Manchester anymore, we enjoyed our stay and all Beryls family live up there so they all managed a visit. We returned via Runcorn. We quite liked Runcorn but like a lot of the north very run down, High street full of charity shops plenty of books and jigsaws for the boss.Back to Middlewich new burner in boiler service didn't work BOAT (bring out another thousand).We are currently at Red Bull ready to go through the Harecastle tunnel tomorrow.Making for Stone Ashton Marina for the boat while we go to Stoke and have Christmas with Mum . Angela is recovering from a Liver transplant a virus attacked hers (no she doesn't drink). The Children are both joining us for the holiday Got to do some shopping as we cruise through Stoke Blood donor session booked for 19th so will be staying at Eturia for a few days.
Well I think that is you up to date with our adventures still enjoying ourselves no regrets.
Bye for now
Beryl & Dave

Sunday, 11 August 2013

How Time flies when you are enjoying yourself. we have been lingering around Staffordshire
waiting to pick up Richard and he worldly goods. Well we we got him yesterday and it has
all fitted in somewhere. We are now traveling back North to get onto the Shroppie to get
to Ellesmere Port and Chester no rush. Richard is visiting Barnstaple the week before he
returns to Stafford and will cadge a lift back to Uni all we have to do is get the Bedding
Fridge and Computer back to Stafford. Nice Uncle John hopefully.
I have decided that it is waste of shouting at boats speeding past all it does is put my blood
pressure up so I am securing the boat mega tight 40 shades of Grey have got nothing on my
Knots.The weather has been rather indifferent recently I actually had to put my fleece on today
at least it isn't raining. Lives still good and Beryl's happy 'cause her little boy is back home.Only
problem is the little boy is 21
Bye for now.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wow its Hot Boy am I getting Bronzed. Only problem are the white outline of my shoes you see they
have a lattice effect so I have brown patches on my feet.
Not that I am complaining its about time we got some decent hot weather.
Poor Hoobie is suffering he is the wrong colour to much black.
Mandy recons there is very little surf down in N Devon so they are a bit miserable
Sun but no Surf such a shame.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Where do the weeks go another one vanished and its July tomorrow.
We have moved on into Worcester a lovely City we have been here
4 days been to visit Beryls aunt and uncle they are 90 and still looking
after themselves. Hoobie is not too sure about bus travel he has to climb
on me so he can see out off the window a nosy dog.
We have moved down into the Basin this morning and will stay for a few
days. I would like to go and visit Mum either by train or if Mandy can get
up here by car but she doesn't know that yet. Beryl is back to normal again
antibiotics did their stuff. I have always said I am glad I came on this earth as
a fella. Much easier.

Monday, 17 June 2013

We stayed at Warwich an extra day and I managed to give my 50th pint of blood
It was the longest donor session I have ever been to it took over 2 hrs. I really felt
for the staff.We moved  on Thursday we shared the Hatton flight with 4 lads on a
Hire boat we got quite good in the end doubling up and entering together. We
stopped before  Shrewley Tunnel. We had a late start on Friday and only moved to
Lapford link quiet night.Onto N Stratford and the Lapford flight on Saturday we stopped
at Hockley Heath must try the carvery £5 next time. Now moored at Dickens Heath
a new village mixture of Flats Penthouses and Houses. Tried NHS Direct to find a
doctor in the end I googled and found one in Dickens Heath  NHS direct wanted us to
 get to Sollihull to a drop in center but when Beryl  phoned the surgery she got an appointment
straightaway. All sorted now and the sun is shining so all happy in the world.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Its a hard life 41/2 hrs cruising in the sunshine sitting in the sun listening to Radio 2
We are now at Leamington Spa. Will walk into town tomorrow moored by bridge
40 very quiet. Even Hoobie is resting fast asleep snoring worse than Beryl. ouch
where did that clout come from. I would love to know what everyone's  hurry is
very few seem to slow down past moored boats must have deadlines to meet.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Thrupp 48hr moorings it is a lovely village bit of a goldfish bowl, not sure I would enjoy
living here. Got threatened at 9.30 last night by a College cruisers boat captain he threatened
to punch my lights out because I had the cheek to tell him to slow down he stank of booze.
After threatening me he worked Dukes lock after 9.35pm passed them this morning moored
on the water point above Dukes lock.He didn't speak but looked a bit sheepish.God Knows
what his rush was.The Sun is shining and it has warmed up a bit it was bitter this morning.
We are still lighting the fire at night and haven't removed the double glazing from the bedroom
windows yet.


Friday, 24 May 2013

Had a nice 2 days in Oxford its great being close enough to the center to be able to walk
into the city. We moored opposite College cruisers wouldn't like to arrive in the height
of the season. There were 2 of their boats moored on the 48hr visitor moorings so its anybodies
guess where they put them in the summer, they also need to tell their hirers what tickover means
we have come out of Oxford and are currently watching the rain come down at Dukes cut
hope to move on northwards tomorrow.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

We made it 4hrs of tickover wall to wall moored boats from Thrupp
The visitor moorings were empty not what I expected not the quietest
place noise from trains waiting to get into Oxford station not that it
bothered me my ear plugs work well.Sun shining this morning going to
try the bus tour today.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Escaped !!!!
Delayed for 2 hours
Farmer decided the feeder wasn't big enough as a Napton Narrowboats
Employee managed to scrape past a little damage to paintwork so the farmer went
off to get something bigger so we made our bid for freedom and got through the
bridge cruised til 4 then wind got worse so found some armco and moored.
C&RT Phoned after we got through to say Police were on their way. So we
missed the fun. Hope it is sorted for our return journey.
Just as I approached bridge 122 on the South Oxford I noticed an animal feeder dangling in the bridge hole
farmer apologised but he has had enough he has been in dispute with BW/C&RT for 5 yrs so he wants to talk with them so unfortunately he chose today to remonstrate. No idea how long it will take to sort out
C&RT seem to think it might take the police to sort it.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Nettle soup for lunch today, foraged from high up the bank hopefully no dog wee,
 it was gorgeous. Walked down the Grand union to find a phone signal
 no 3 but EE came up trumps so phoned Mum on Beryls phone. Not sure if we are
 moving tomorrow got some carpet tiles to lay or will we wait til Monday to continue
 down the Oxford. Not as if we are in any hurry.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

We are back on board, all fit and well the Doctor says we look very well
and the Life must be doing us good. We moved on and are now at Rugby
we plan on going down to Oxford.
Hoobie also got a clean bill off health very good condition for a 12yr old.
Just wish he would stop barking at dogs on other boats his tail is wagging
like mad.
The solar panels are working well batteries staying charged longer and not
having to run engine for as long.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Where has April gone. We have been loitering around Tamworth Nuneaton and Coventry.
We are visiting Barnstaple on Monday time to see the doctor and for Hoobie to visit the vet
Sokai is not missing out she is having two solar panels fitted while we are away.
I am hoping to show my face in work just to rub in the merits of early retirement.
I finally got a new boat pole Wickes is with in walking distance of Coventry basin.
Mandy came up to see Meatloaf had a meal with us then went back home she did the same
for Pink but while eating dinner she got a text saying it had been cancelled. So she decided
to return home that night but got to Gribs causeway for fuel and realised no cards credit etc
 on floor of boat so we will return them on Monday as we steel the car for a few days.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Back at Fazeley making our way to Nuneaton want to have a word with Onboard Energy about
Solar panels. We are managing to get the batteries to 80% by cruising but the last 20% is illusive.
Plus I want to kill two birds with one stone and have them fitted while we are back in Barnstaple
so the boat can go into Springwood Haven where they are based (Onboard Energy that is).
We had an argument with an unknown boat on Saturday. I was in the Bridge hole and he kept
coming at full speed rammed me and sent us into the bridge side ripped the Pram cover mount
off and ripped the front of the cover no apology said he thought there was enough room for
both of us then sped off. By the time we got to the side he was well gone God Knows what this
will cost to fix.So I was not a happy bunny thank god for bodge tape. Well that's about all for
now. Bye All  

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sorry for the lack of activity. We are snowed in at Fazeley Junction. We met up with Mandy at The Plough
Hurdlesford Lichfield on Monday.Richard joined us so we had a Family reunion. We took the car up to
Stoke to see mum, she is eating better and getting stronger but the weather hasn't been fit for to venture
outside.We have got to pick Richard up on Friday he is with us for the week.Not sure where we are going.

Friday, 1 March 2013

I think I am being Stalked Caxton is spying on us Hoobie let them Know who is boss
Its all bluster he's as soft as a brush.We are moored at Great Haywood. Are going to
catch the bus into Stafford tomorrow. We plan to go down the Staffs & Worcs to
Penkridge hope to be there for Market day Thursday then return to Great Haywood
 to go down to Litchfield and pick up Richard for Easter. No rush all the time in the
I have finally got around to cutting up the wood we brought with us, the side walls of
my garden pond the tenants didn't want the pond and it would have killed me filling it
in so I cut the sides in car sized lengths and we put them on the roof of the boat it's time
to burn it. Boy it had better get cold again.

Monday, 25 February 2013

A quiet few days at Stone. I like Stone. We managed to move into Stone on Friday afternoon.
We plan on staying here til tomorrow Tuesday I have a new ignition switch on order from
Stoneboatbuilders.The old one doesn't like the cold. We have had Visitors this weekend Anne
and Nigel Beryls sister came with our mail and ebay delivery.The logistics of delivery were
 amazing.John delivered to Anne late very late Thursday night and Anne arrived here Friday
                                               Must get the paintbrush out and touch in all the red oxide.
Filling the water tank Anne supervising
It was little chilly.

Monday, 18 February 2013

                                                             Where does all this rubbish come from?
Narrowboat Sokai Has escaped. Mum is a lot better 8 weeks we have been stranded here.
We returned to the boat yesterday afternoon filled Vickie's car. Well each time we came
back to the boat we took something else to the house well it all had to come back aboard.
We have cleaned from top to bottom whilst still on shoreline its amazing how dirty an empty
boat can get. We have moved to Eturia Industrial museum for a few days until Ashton lock
opens. Then we are going to make for the NEC Mandy(Daughter) is coming to see Pink
and Meatloaf not at the same time so we will be a hotel for a few nights.and we get to see her.
Sitting in the sunshine with my coat on but all the boat doors are open.Washing drying well.
Bye for now

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Still stuck in a house Mum still not fit to leave yet. Nb Sokai is famous well we feature on a TV program
about the Shewsbury and Newport canal. They were filming it when we were at Norbury Junction. If you
follow the link you can watch the program, we are on the left the Grey boat with bikes on the back
Hoobie can be seen at the back door watching the world go by.
It is a very interesting program not sure if it is scheduled to hit the TV screens hope it does.
More news when we know we are moving on. We have booked some accommodation in Barnstaple for
our trip back to see the Doctor so that we can continue phoning for our repeat prescriptions. Hoobie
might just go for his annual check up and trim while we are there.
See you all soon Bye

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

We are still stuck at Stoke. Mum now has a Chest Infection as well. Having problems
with ABS (antibiotics for non Micro readers)which one for which infection. Then sister
 decides to take dog(Lilly) for a walk and falls breaking her wrist first bone broken in
 50 yrs. Luckily I have never broke any in 57 years (touch wood).We are going stir
 crazy sitting in a house missing all this lovely snow on the cut. We should be out there
 braving the elements, we feel like right frauds sitting in a central heated house, never
 mind it will snow again. Boat is fine connected to shoreline all nice and warm.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mum is home just got to get her strength back up then we can escape back to
Sokai. I am going mad sitting at home and its been such good cruising weather
since Christmas.