60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Where do the weeks go another one vanished and its July tomorrow.
We have moved on into Worcester a lovely City we have been here
4 days been to visit Beryls aunt and uncle they are 90 and still looking
after themselves. Hoobie is not too sure about bus travel he has to climb
on me so he can see out off the window a nosy dog.
We have moved down into the Basin this morning and will stay for a few
days. I would like to go and visit Mum either by train or if Mandy can get
up here by car but she doesn't know that yet. Beryl is back to normal again
antibiotics did their stuff. I have always said I am glad I came on this earth as
a fella. Much easier.

Monday, 17 June 2013

We stayed at Warwich an extra day and I managed to give my 50th pint of blood
It was the longest donor session I have ever been to it took over 2 hrs. I really felt
for the staff.We moved  on Thursday we shared the Hatton flight with 4 lads on a
Hire boat we got quite good in the end doubling up and entering together. We
stopped before  Shrewley Tunnel. We had a late start on Friday and only moved to
Lapford link quiet night.Onto N Stratford and the Lapford flight on Saturday we stopped
at Hockley Heath must try the carvery £5 next time. Now moored at Dickens Heath
a new village mixture of Flats Penthouses and Houses. Tried NHS Direct to find a
doctor in the end I googled and found one in Dickens Heath  NHS direct wanted us to
 get to Sollihull to a drop in center but when Beryl  phoned the surgery she got an appointment
straightaway. All sorted now and the sun is shining so all happy in the world.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Its a hard life 41/2 hrs cruising in the sunshine sitting in the sun listening to Radio 2
We are now at Leamington Spa. Will walk into town tomorrow moored by bridge
40 very quiet. Even Hoobie is resting fast asleep snoring worse than Beryl. ouch
where did that clout come from. I would love to know what everyone's  hurry is
very few seem to slow down past moored boats must have deadlines to meet.