60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sorry for the lack of activity. We are snowed in at Fazeley Junction. We met up with Mandy at The Plough
Hurdlesford Lichfield on Monday.Richard joined us so we had a Family reunion. We took the car up to
Stoke to see mum, she is eating better and getting stronger but the weather hasn't been fit for to venture
outside.We have got to pick Richard up on Friday he is with us for the week.Not sure where we are going.

Friday, 1 March 2013

I think I am being Stalked Caxton is spying on us Hoobie let them Know who is boss
Its all bluster he's as soft as a brush.We are moored at Great Haywood. Are going to
catch the bus into Stafford tomorrow. We plan to go down the Staffs & Worcs to
Penkridge hope to be there for Market day Thursday then return to Great Haywood
 to go down to Litchfield and pick up Richard for Easter. No rush all the time in the
I have finally got around to cutting up the wood we brought with us, the side walls of
my garden pond the tenants didn't want the pond and it would have killed me filling it
in so I cut the sides in car sized lengths and we put them on the roof of the boat it's time
to burn it. Boy it had better get cold again.