60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Not the best day to try and moor in a Marina but we are sitting at Star lock and going into Ashton Marina
tomorrow weather forecast not good tomorrow, to much rain and wind but at least we have extra crew members Mandy and Richard joined last night . Christmas in Stoke.Mum is well but sister Ange is back in Hospital infection of some sort.Not a lot more to say.
But a Happy Christmas And a Prosperous New Year
Love Beryl & Dave.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Moored At Eturia on the Caldon below Bedford St Lock. I am waiting to give blood on Thursday and for Npower to come and see if Mum can have a new boiler courtesy of the government well its worth a try.
I have been using my time buying bits and pieces on internet and having them delivered to Mum. Boy did I have fun and games with Tesco direct trying to use our collected vouchers 2 emails and 3 new passwords later I finally managed to buy a new electric razor and some new bedding.Well we are still using one quilt cover that was a wedding present 28 yrs ago. Beryl is busy icing the christmas cake got to keep her busy.
Dog Hoobie is snoring well boy can he snore but as soon as I move he is awake and ready to chase his stick not bad for 12. It was a bit frosty here this morning but boat is toasty must get some more coal soon.
well see you soon  Bye

Sunday, 8 December 2013

We are Still alive

Sorry no excuse I am just to idle
We have been about a bit since the last post we went to Llangollen and on the way back called in on the Montgomery where Beryl had an argument with the ground and lost.Luckily John was visiting so he took big sister to A/E 4hrs and 5 stitches later they returned with a Cooked chicken and a very sorry looking Beryl Photo available at a cost well I've been threatened.We had a very nice 2 days on the Monty, Stitches taken out at Ellesmere 5 days later. Then back to Middlewich for a few days boiler serviced, well winter is due soon. Then onto Anderton for a look at the lift thought about the Weaver but decided to leave it for another day we decided to try the Bridgewater very nice plenty off places to moor and visit towns by bus Hoobie still not happy on buses he can't look out of the window. We went all the way to Piccadilly  Village only us moored there for 3 nights had planned on going up the Ashton canal and onto Whalley Bridge got it wrong ashton flight closed so had to return down through Manchester to Castlefield basin. Beryl doesn't recognise Manchester anymore, we enjoyed our stay and all Beryls family live up there so they all managed a visit. We returned via Runcorn. We quite liked Runcorn but like a lot of the north very run down, High street full of charity shops plenty of books and jigsaws for the boss.Back to Middlewich new burner in boiler service didn't work BOAT (bring out another thousand).We are currently at Red Bull ready to go through the Harecastle tunnel tomorrow.Making for Stone Ashton Marina for the boat while we go to Stoke and have Christmas with Mum . Angela is recovering from a Liver transplant a virus attacked hers (no she doesn't drink). The Children are both joining us for the holiday Got to do some shopping as we cruise through Stoke Blood donor session booked for 19th so will be staying at Eturia for a few days.
Well I think that is you up to date with our adventures still enjoying ourselves no regrets.
Bye for now
Beryl & Dave