60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Thrupp 48hr moorings it is a lovely village bit of a goldfish bowl, not sure I would enjoy
living here. Got threatened at 9.30 last night by a College cruisers boat captain he threatened
to punch my lights out because I had the cheek to tell him to slow down he stank of booze.
After threatening me he worked Dukes lock after 9.35pm passed them this morning moored
on the water point above Dukes lock.He didn't speak but looked a bit sheepish.God Knows
what his rush was.The Sun is shining and it has warmed up a bit it was bitter this morning.
We are still lighting the fire at night and haven't removed the double glazing from the bedroom
windows yet.


Friday, 24 May 2013

Had a nice 2 days in Oxford its great being close enough to the center to be able to walk
into the city. We moored opposite College cruisers wouldn't like to arrive in the height
of the season. There were 2 of their boats moored on the 48hr visitor moorings so its anybodies
guess where they put them in the summer, they also need to tell their hirers what tickover means
we have come out of Oxford and are currently watching the rain come down at Dukes cut
hope to move on northwards tomorrow.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

We made it 4hrs of tickover wall to wall moored boats from Thrupp
The visitor moorings were empty not what I expected not the quietest
place noise from trains waiting to get into Oxford station not that it
bothered me my ear plugs work well.Sun shining this morning going to
try the bus tour today.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Escaped !!!!
Delayed for 2 hours
Farmer decided the feeder wasn't big enough as a Napton Narrowboats
Employee managed to scrape past a little damage to paintwork so the farmer went
off to get something bigger so we made our bid for freedom and got through the
bridge cruised til 4 then wind got worse so found some armco and moored.
C&RT Phoned after we got through to say Police were on their way. So we
missed the fun. Hope it is sorted for our return journey.
Just as I approached bridge 122 on the South Oxford I noticed an animal feeder dangling in the bridge hole
farmer apologised but he has had enough he has been in dispute with BW/C&RT for 5 yrs so he wants to talk with them so unfortunately he chose today to remonstrate. No idea how long it will take to sort out
C&RT seem to think it might take the police to sort it.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Nettle soup for lunch today, foraged from high up the bank hopefully no dog wee,
 it was gorgeous. Walked down the Grand union to find a phone signal
 no 3 but EE came up trumps so phoned Mum on Beryls phone. Not sure if we are
 moving tomorrow got some carpet tiles to lay or will we wait til Monday to continue
 down the Oxford. Not as if we are in any hurry.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

We are back on board, all fit and well the Doctor says we look very well
and the Life must be doing us good. We moved on and are now at Rugby
we plan on going down to Oxford.
Hoobie also got a clean bill off health very good condition for a 12yr old.
Just wish he would stop barking at dogs on other boats his tail is wagging
like mad.
The solar panels are working well batteries staying charged longer and not
having to run engine for as long.