60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Sunday, 30 September 2012

2 weeks Where does the time go. Since my last blog we have been back to Heritage to get the Bike Rack fitted a very neat job done very pleased with it.  But to turn round I
 ended up going back through Harecastle tunnel and returning because the navigator thought there was a winding hole at the tunnel entrance and there wasn't Beryl decided to stay at the North portal with Hoobie as he spends the entire tunnel journey barking not at all happy.Any way we were reunited after my detour and and moored at Heritage for them to do the job. After completion we moved on towards Congleton. We were minding our own business sitting out a thunder storm when there was an almighty crash outside coats on out we go to see the roof boxes floating in the cut a gust of wind had lifted them and deposited them the contents were still neatly piled on the roof.So every thing was salvaged and repositioned. onward to Congleton.We spent 3 nights at the wharf at Congleton waiting for Beryls Doctors results to come back only to be told that the Doctor put 2 different date of births on the form and sample so the lab rejected it Beryl assures me she gave them the right date well I used to come home from work complaining enough about miss labelled specimens.So a wasted journey up to Congleton. So of we went back to Red Bull and Met brother in law with deliveries.Had a very nice meal in the Red Bull pub. We ended up staying 3 nights as the heavens opened Monday & Tuesday 24th 25th we had no reason to get wet. we moved on Wed through Harecastle tunnel Hoobie now Knows that the CR&T man has doggie treats in his pocket.Poor man was pestered to death. We stopped at Westport lake for 2 nights we walked into Burslem with coming from the potteries I knew Burslem years ago well I did leave in 1974 boy has it changed all the potbanks and terraced houses have gone but the money has run out and they have have not been replaced with anything.
We moved on on Friday to Festival park and put the boat in the Marina so we could go and stay with Mum it was her birthday on Friday. Unfortunately there were no hookups available so we are back on board today running the engine. We saw Richard back on the bus back to Litchfield  we want to find the upholsterers tomorrow as the Dinette is being rebuilt next weekend. So it back onto the Caldon for us next week then we can make our way south for the pram cover fitting.Then we will be free to go where WE want, not following tradesmen.Mandy (daughter) is hoping to get to us around 20 Oct so that will be nice.by then I will have list of things to do with the car sorry her car. You can stop nagging now John


Sunday, 16 September 2012

We are currently at Scholar Green on the Macclesfield we filled up at Heritage boats
 asked about getting the Bike rack fitted, will walk back and ask tomorrow when office staff are in. We are averaging 1.21hrs to the ltr which I am quite happy with we are using about 90lts a month. Must get on ebay and order some oil and various filters engine service due soon. I had better do it myself after 22 yrs on Aircraft Ground equipment, Mainly diesel engines at the end petrol went out of fashion with the military.
we were threaten with heavy rain today we are still waiting for it.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Another week just flies by since last week we have been to Frogall unfortunately Sokai is
 too tall to go through the Frogall tunnel so we didn't quite make it to the end. We then returned to Densford and went up the Leek Branch. We stayed 2 nights so that we could go to the market on Wednesday bought no end of fruit so plenty of vitamins for me. We are currently on the 24 hr moorings at Park lane Endon got the last space 2 other boats permanently moored on 24hr mooring Canal & Rivers trust men working here but no action against the over stayers, well they went off in the car this morning. I don't think they are cruising. Will get to Milton tonight and go and see Mum. Maybe meet her in Hanley tomorrow.