60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Sunday, 16 September 2012

We are currently at Scholar Green on the Macclesfield we filled up at Heritage boats
 asked about getting the Bike rack fitted, will walk back and ask tomorrow when office staff are in. We are averaging 1.21hrs to the ltr which I am quite happy with we are using about 90lts a month. Must get on ebay and order some oil and various filters engine service due soon. I had better do it myself after 22 yrs on Aircraft Ground equipment, Mainly diesel engines at the end petrol went out of fashion with the military.
we were threaten with heavy rain today we are still waiting for it.


Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Dave,
Check out our blog. In past posts (March 2012 I think called Keep it Clean Keep it Filtered?) Les shared info on a place in Acton Trussell called Filtermania where he found a great savings on filters for our boat.
NB Valerie

Dave Bradshaw said...

Thanks Les & Jaq will try them their service kit has 3 filters
will have to give them a ring as I have 2 fuel filters.

Maffi said...

Dave the very nice lady at SPVA that finally got my badge has asked if you will contact her and she will try to get you a replacement for your broken badge. Let me have your email and I will forward you the email she sent me. My email on my profile page.