60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Monday, 17 June 2013

We stayed at Warwich an extra day and I managed to give my 50th pint of blood
It was the longest donor session I have ever been to it took over 2 hrs. I really felt
for the staff.We moved  on Thursday we shared the Hatton flight with 4 lads on a
Hire boat we got quite good in the end doubling up and entering together. We
stopped before  Shrewley Tunnel. We had a late start on Friday and only moved to
Lapford link quiet night.Onto N Stratford and the Lapford flight on Saturday we stopped
at Hockley Heath must try the carvery £5 next time. Now moored at Dickens Heath
a new village mixture of Flats Penthouses and Houses. Tried NHS Direct to find a
doctor in the end I googled and found one in Dickens Heath  NHS direct wanted us to
 get to Sollihull to a drop in center but when Beryl  phoned the surgery she got an appointment
straightaway. All sorted now and the sun is shining so all happy in the world.

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