60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Monday, 18 February 2013

                                                             Where does all this rubbish come from?
Narrowboat Sokai Has escaped. Mum is a lot better 8 weeks we have been stranded here.
We returned to the boat yesterday afternoon filled Vickie's car. Well each time we came
back to the boat we took something else to the house well it all had to come back aboard.
We have cleaned from top to bottom whilst still on shoreline its amazing how dirty an empty
boat can get. We have moved to Eturia Industrial museum for a few days until Ashton lock
opens. Then we are going to make for the NEC Mandy(Daughter) is coming to see Pink
and Meatloaf not at the same time so we will be a hotel for a few nights.and we get to see her.
Sitting in the sunshine with my coat on but all the boat doors are open.Washing drying well.
Bye for now

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Jaqueline Biggs said...

Glad to here Mum is all right and you will both be cruising soon!
Stay warm and dry,
Jaq and Les