60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Monday, 26 November 2012

Sorry everyone I have been idle for a while but we have got all our Christmas cards out.
We have been to Combeswood canal trust basin and back to the Staffs & Worcs their
Diesel price is very good 81p a ltr and visitor mooring free for 7 days it was a little windy
when we left and I struggled to get out of the basin new box cover christened. We
stopped at Merry hill shopping center to ride out the storms and for a little retail therapy.
That was curtailed as our credit card was used illegally by some scrote so now we are
cardless until the new ones get to John and he can get them to us.We had problems with
our antivandle key so we bought a new one at Combeswood but it is as worn as our original.Looks like someone went into their shop and swapped their duff one and left it on the shelf  to be sold and we bought it so will have to buy another will check it this time we are moored at Wimbourne for tonight Beryl nipped to Sainsburys to do a little shopping got to keep me fed. A treat tonight meal in the Wagon & Horses. Well it is two for one 'Who me tight never'.
See you soon Dave & Beryl

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