60' Liverpool Boats Semi Trad built in 2006

Monday, 3 February 2014

Boy does time fly. We are currently at Fazeley we left Ashton marina on 2 Jan went as far as Rugeley stayed a few days then returned to Great Haywood lock closures so we decided to go to Penkridge for a little Market therapy like retail therapy but a little cheaper. Richard joined us for a weekend,
We then returned to Great Haywood. The towpath just about everywhere is so wet and muddy Hoobie manages to bring most of it in with him,Beryl is not at all impressed. We are making our way to the Grand Union to head south would have liked to go on the Soar and Leicester line but winter works on Trent and Mersey stop us so it's the Coventry and Oxford canal to Braunston. £120 lighter today Domestic alternator gave up the Ghost luckily with having a smartgauge and smartbank fitted it automatically transfers the output from the engine alternator to the domestic bank after charging the starter battery only indication was that it was taking longer to charge the batteries each day.RCR fitted new one this afternoon. Of for a walk into Tamworth tomorrow.
Bye for now Beryl and Dave
Maffi what has happened to your blog it says I have not been invited to view can  I have an invite please.  

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